Netherlands Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria


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1 The Consular Department closed on 24 November

The Consular Department of the embassy will be closed on Thursday, 24 November 2016. The reception time will be on 23 November 2016.

3 Response Dutch PM Rutte on first results criminal investigation MH17

This morning the families of the victims of the MH17 disaster were briefed by the Joint Investigation Team on the initial findings of the criminal investigation into the downing of flight MH17. These findings concern the weapon used to down flight MH17, the location from which it was fired and the Buk missile system’s route of transport.

4 Sofia became part of the fascinating STORM World Tour!

Today Sofia became part of the fascinating STORM World Tour! The STORM Wave electric motorcycle and the students from the University of Technology in Eindhoven who developed it, were welcomed at the Sofia Tech Park by the official host of the event Ambassador Tom van Oorschot. The motorcycle attracted big media interest and amazed the public with its appearance, completely silent engine and numerous innovations.

5 Contemporary Artworks of the Dutch Embassy exhibited by The National Gallery Square 500

As of today, May 11th, the National Gallery Square 500 presents the exposition ‘Contemporary Artworks of the Dutch Embassy’. The exposition will be available to the public till June 8th and sets a series “Embassy Art” that introduces art works from various diplomatic missions in Bulgaria to the public.

6 The international initiative “The Green City” visits Flora Burgas 2016 fair

On April 29, in the framework of the Flora Burgas 2016 fair, Embassy of the Netherlands in Bulgaria will present the international initiative "The Green City".

7 Today ‘Cycling Netherlands’ exhibition takes over the ‘Bridge of lovers’ in Sofia

On Sunday the Dutch Ambassador and representatives of Sofia Municipal Council, Sofia Municipality and District Mayors, will give the start to a 4-kilometer cycling tour

8 Advisory referendum – reaction Dutch government

On 6 april 2016 an advisory referendum was held in the Netherlands on the EU-association agreement with Ukraine. The preliminary outcome shows that the required threshold for a valid outcome of a turn-out of 30% or more was reached, with a clear majority for the people who voted against.

10 Koenders urges Dutch public not to travel to Brussels

Following the attacks in Belgium, foreign minister Bert Koenders has updated the travel advice for Belgium. He is urging the public to refrain from travelling to Brussels until more is known about the situation. Those who are in Brussels already are advised to stay indoors wherever possible. The city’s metro stations and airport should also be avoided. It is important that the public follow the instructions given by the authorities.